Magnetic Grill

Magnetic Grill

Approx Price: Rs 18,000 / Piece(s) 
Our GRATE MAGNETS are designed to remove medium and small-size ferrous tramp metal contaminants from dryness.Our GRATE MAGNETS are easy to install and clean.They offer efficient, economical magnetic protection of processing equipment such as; milling, extruding, and mixing.At the same time improving product purity.


Our product consistency, density and moisture content, are important factors in grate magnet applications which influence flow characteristics.It is important to recognize materials that have tendencies to bridge between the magnetic tubes in order to choose the correct magnetic grate to ensure positive flow, While diverter systems are helpful in directing the material flow to the magnets, be aware they tendto increase bridging and reduce uniform product flow.


High-density Ceramic, Alnico, and Rare Earth magnets are all available. Quick-clean designs. All-magnetic grate designs. Magnetic tube spacing other than 1". Round, square, and rectangular arrays come in many sizes. 100% stainless steel enclosed design. Rugged all-welded construction. 1" dia. magnetic tubes, mounted on 2" centers. Place in hoppers, receiving pits, housings, and bins.
Custom grate sizes and mountings to meet design criterion.

Grill Magnets

Approx Price: Rs 9,000 / Piece(s) 

Grill magnets offered comes in precision designed and construction finish and are of grill type Ndfeb magnet. Coming backed by ISO, CE and other industry certifications, these magnet bars are made of quality stainless steel pipe and rare earth ndfeb magnet. Some of its features include high gauss NdFeB magnet and stainless alloy bar; available in different sizes and length options; different shape choices; coming with magnetic value from 2000 to 12500 gauss; used in areas like mining, ceramic, electric power, rubber, pharmaceutical and other areas.

Industrial Magnetic Grill

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