Magnetic Equipment

Magnetic Floor Sweepers

Approx Price: Rs 10,000.00
Magnetic Floor Sweeper are ideal for picking up iron scraps, nails, nuts, washers, hooks from the floors, drive ways, construction sites, shop floors, packing areas, playgrounds etc. They are built by using powerful per magnet magnets. This was very easy movement system by the help of both side wheels and handle. The tramp material collected on the bottom pan will be released very easily by pulling the level provided at the bottom of the handle.


  • Easy to operate
  • Low maintenance machinery
  • Easy to remove tramp material
  • In-built Operating Handle

Magnetic Sheet Fanners

Approx Price: Rs 20,000 / Piece(s) 
Our Magnetic Sheet Fanners are designed to cut down cost and redouble safety when these tacking steel sheet stock. Our high quality constant powerful magnetic field automatically separates the sheets. As fast as the top sheet is removed, the next sheet instantly moves up. The operator quickly, safely and successfully handles one sheet at a time– no longer is prying of sticky, oily, pre-finished or polished sheets necessary.

Magnetic Grills

Approx Price: Rs 16,000 / Unit(s) 
The Magnetic Grills safely and automatically eliminate tramp iron from heavy product flows. We make utility of our systems at a variety of functions that call upon industrial perfection and reconnaissance and delivery. Additionally, we have been displaying excellent research and development that becomes visible in our line-up.


  • Available in Various sizes & shapes
  • Available in multi stages also

Drawer Housings

Approx Price: Rs 45,000.00 / Piece(s) 
Our clients can avail from us a wide range of Drawer Housings, which is suitable for high purity application. Moreover, one filter is placed one above another in a housing. If the ferrous impurity is not trapped in the fist stage, it gets trapped in the following stages. Two type of housings are self cleaning type and manual cleaning type housing.

Standard Features:

  • Powerful Rare Earth Neodymium-Iron-Boron permanent magnet material
  • stainless steel construction
  • Hinged Rear Access Door
  • Operating temperatures up to 176° F

Optional Features:

  • Self- Cleaning Drawer and housing
  • Output and input spout custom designs.
  • Custom designs
  • Multi-tier configurations
  • Pre-drilled matching companion flanges for easy installation
  • Non-standard alloy stainless steel construction
  • Non-standard magnetic tube spacing

Plate Magnetic Traps

Approx Price: Rs 10,000 / any 
MAGWELL Plate magnetic traps are designed to protect product flow line sand pumps by magnetically removing ferrous contaminant’s from liquid and slurry product streams. Plate magnetic traps used for purification of liquids andtramp metal separation , a variety of wet food processing industries, from fluid and strained products to viscousand heavy fibrous products.


  • Custom design
  • High pressure housing design
  • Non-standard line sizes on request
  • High energy Rare Earth magnet material
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Quick-release clamps provide easy removal for inspection and cleaning of the magnetic element
  • Other line connection types available

Magnetic Sweeper

Approx Price: Rs 8,000 / Piece 
MAGWELL Magnetic Floor Sweeper is engineered for maximum strength and ease of use. All welded construction This model will handle all terrain, and works well in the shop, driveway, even grass, gravel or dirt. Picking up all ferrous metal debris, scraps, screws or nails in its path. It will even ‘extend’ into pot-holes and crevices. To release the load, pull up on the release lever and back away from specified area

Magnetic Hump

Approx Price: Rs 35,000.00 / any 

Magnetic Hump offered comes in SS304 or SS316 housing support as well as comprises ferrite or rare earth system. Further, we can customize the housing size as well as make it available in smooth polished surface finish. Some of its features include magnetic plate made using rare earth magnet/ferrite as customer’s request; housing material support in form of 304 or 316 stainless steel; prevents building up and bridging; provide for improved efficiency of separator; simple structure and easy cleaning support; suitable for removing large pieces of tramp iron/ferrous fragments from gravity-flow materials.

Magnetic Drum Separator

Approx Price: Rs 85,000 / Piece(s) 
magnetic Drum Separator

Magnetic Coolant Separator

Approx Price: Rs 43,000 / Piece(s) 

Magnetic Coolant Separator offered comes backed by latest technology support and has little magnetic flux leakage. Further, these separators come with low energy consumption as well as are backed by ISO and other certifications. Some of its features include suitable for dry or wet separation of fine particles of ferromagnetic mineral; suitable for use in areas like ceramics, chemical industry, wood industry, mines and others; separator based on different magnetic properties between ore minerals for effectively separating valuable minerals/magnetic contaminants from non-magnetic gangue.

Circular Motion Screen Separator

Suspension Magnet

Approx Price: Rs 30,000.00 / ay 
Suspension Electro magnet

Magnetic Roll Separator

Approx Price: Rs 1.5 Lakh / Piece(s) 

MAGWELL latest development in magnetic separator technology provides the best separation effect for the magnetic separator application, which brings an opportunity for the high standard requirement of depuration and purification for material. This high intensity roll type permanent magnetic separator provides another more efficient solution for this higher purification goal, which widely used in many industries as the most eficient magnetic separator for purifying materials.

Working principle:

MAGWELL high intensity permanent magnetic Roll-Type Separators consists of permanent roll made of NdFeB disks interleaved with pure iron disk, idle roll, conveying thin belt, adjustable splitter and vibratory feeder. Operation of the separator is so simple that material to be treated is fed by the vibratory feeder onto conveying thin belt, magnetic particles are attracted to the roll and discharged into a “Magnetic ” separate chute, while non-magnetic particles are discharged from the roll a “NM” chute.

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